Scott Cheng-Hsin Yang

I am currently a post-doc with Patrick Shafto in the Math & Computer Science Department at Rutgers University–Newark. My research interests can be summarized by these four words: human, machine, learning, and teaching. Current projects include using Bayesian teaching as a way to explain machine learning via data, coming up with unifying models of active learning and teaching, understanding recommender system as iterated learning, and exploring the representation implication of cooperation in inference.

Prior to this, I was a post-doc with Daniel Wolpert and Máté Lengyel in the CBL Lab at the University of Cambridge. There I studied active sensing by tracking human eye movement and quantifying its sensing efficiency with Bayesian active learning.

Prior to that, I did my PhD with John Bechhoefer in the Physics Department at Simon Fraser University. There I modelled the DNA replication as a stochastic process and applied the theory to analyze several types of replication experiment.

Contact: scottchenghsinyang[AT]gmail[DOT]com


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Rated by Faculty of 1000 Biology as MUST READ [link]
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Selected for a Viewpoint article: Just-in-time DNA replication